Chief Ministers are not entitled to occupy government bungalows for life

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New Delhi: After the Supreme Court quashed last month the law passed by Uttar Pradesh government allowing former Chief Ministers of the state to occupy official residence for life, the Jabalpur High Court on Tuesday (19 June 2018) directed all former chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh occupying government accommodation to vacate them within a month

The Madhya Pradesh High Court order stating that the chief ministers of the state are not entitled to occupy government bungalows for life was passed by a division bench of Chief Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice A K Shrivastava.

With the passage of this order, in response to a petition by Raunaq Yadav, a law student, Section 5 (1) of the MP Mantri Vetan Thatha Bhata Adhiniyam 1972 (MP Minister’s Salaries and Allowances Act), has become “unconstitutional”.

To be affected directly by this order are former chief ministers Kailash Joshi, Digvijay Singh, Uma Bharti and Babulal Gaur. While Ms Bharti is a Union Minister, Gaur is a member of the State legislative Assembly.

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