Shashank Singh Baghel: Youth leader on a mission

Newsroom24x7 Exclusive

Shashank Singh Baghel is a youth icon in Satna district. He is always in the forefront raising his voice and crusading against the exploitation of the most deprived sections.

Shashank especially works for the protection of human rights and social justice.


Child trafficking is a huge problem. Combating it is a global challenge. Shashank, with single-minded dedication helped in tracing two children who had gone missing from Tekua village in Rewa district and could succeed in reuniting them with their family on 24 November 2017.

Shashank takes up the case of poor school-going children, who are often forced to drop out from school due to their poor economic condition. Recently, Shashank was moved by the plight of about 40 school children from Surdaha. He made a fervent appeal to important members of society and his friends and with voluntary donations, he could provide timely assistance to the school kids and they were able to pay their school fees in time.

Shashank is an active member of Royal Rajput Association, which takes pride in upholding the rich legacy, glory and historical traditions of the Rajput community and is engaged in innumerable activities aimed at the upliftment of the people.

The other day, while driving with his friends from Sanoura to Satna, Shashank saw a woman crying on the road. Moved by the woman’s plight, he stopped his car, went to her and asked what had caused her so much distress. He gathered from her that she had been thrown out and rendered homeless by her own children. Shashank followed up with a couple of rounds of counselling and before it was too late, the woman finally could return home

When people who are relatively well off in society celebrate festivals like Holi and Diwali with family, relatives and friends, Shashank prefers to spend such festive occasions amid blind children or kids who are economically deprived.

Shashank is also leading from the front the movement against Reservation on caste lines. He is of the strong view that reservation should be on economic basis and not on caste lines.

Shashank is deeply concerned about lack of job openings for the educated youth and works overtime to find openings for the deserving candidates. He goes out of his way to find placements for them. Over a short period of time, he has helped dozens who are now happily employed.


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