Karnataka Assembly election – will it be oxygen for BJP or ventilator for Congress

C.A.Gurudath Chilkunda

After the conclusion of polling for the general elections to the Karnataka Assembly, all eyes are set on the outcome of these crucial polls that are bound to set the trend for the 2019 parliamentary elections. The Karnataka press says: the poll results would  be a “Ventilator” for the Congress party or ‘Oxygen’ for the BJP.

The level of the speeches by leaders cutting across party lines touched an abysmal low in Karnataka this time. It became a free for all and leaders were more interested in launching personal attacks rather than focusing public attention on their manifesto or electoral promises.

In this election, the Congress resorted to all sorts of strategies to retain what it considers as its traditional vote bank and also tried to create a new vote bank by raising the lingayat issue. The BJP and JDS also have used caste and religion desperately. The much talked about “deal” between BJP and JDS to defeat Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also gave a talking point to political pundits and journalists to interpret the future political trends in Karnataka. All early surveys predicted a hung assembly wherein, strangely, the latest post poll surveys suggest a lead for the BJP. 

People have started talking of H. D. Deve Gowda, the former Prime Minister, and the role he is most likely to play in the formation of the new government. The track record of Gowda proves that his moves can not be predicted by any one.

Polls for Rajarajeswari Nagar Constituency of Bengaluru has been deferred as the election commission is convinced of fake epic cards, allegedly the handiwork of Congress candidate Munirathna. The 7th ACMM Court has directed the police to frame charges against him under Sections, 420, 468, 471, 171E, 171F of IPC along with Sec 123 of Representative of Peoples’ Act. Election for this Constituency will be held on 28 May. A record amount of cash, liquor and other materials allegedly stored for distribution has also been seized along with the fake voters’ cards. People are alleging that this election has witnessed a record use of money power. A common observation is that demonetisation has had no effect at all.

The State recorded an average voting of 71%. Bengaluru city recorded a just 52%. The question still remains as to when the so called educated Citizens  will come out in full numbers to discharge their constitutional duty.

Counting will be held tomorrow. The first trend will be available by 10 a.m. and a clear picture will emerge by noon. Though all political leaders look like a volcano ready to burst, the common man is praying for a victory of democracy.

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