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Amit Shah gives the Victory Mantra to BJP workers in MP

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Bhopal: BJP President Amit Shah on Friday gave the Victory Mantra to 6000 ruling party workers for the general election to the Madhya Pradesh assembly due later this year.

Taking a dig at Kamal Nath, the newly appointed president of the Madhya Pradesh unit of Congress party, Shah said how Rahul Gandhi can dream of victory in Madhya Pradesh. Even if he uses a telescope, he will see no sign of victory (for the Congress) added Shah.

Shah appreciated the functioning of Shivraj Singh government in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, some Shiv Sainiks protested against Amit Shah’s visit and showed him black flags.

Amit Shah said, “MP is the heart of the country. This is the seat of Lord Mahakal. Such land is sacred for the BJP. In Congress, the new Congress President Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi are confident that this time the Congress government will be formed in the state, he said adding one laughs at their statements. “I want to tell the Congress leaders that you do not have the power to defeat us’, the BJP chief went on to assert.

Shah said, “I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that MP is the stronghold of BJP. Our penetration here is like the foot of Angad. The BJP talks about the poor and you about Rajas and Maharajas. Now the fight is between the corporate honchos and the farmers. Congress has entered the election arena with Raja-Maharajas. There is no need to be scared of them, because our booth workers also have the power to defeat Rajas and Maharajas. ”

Shah, targetted the Congress by referring to saffron terror. He said that by talking of saffron terror by building a fake case, the Congress defamed Hindu culture throughout the world. Now that the court has rejected the entire matter, why is the Congress silent?

The BJP chief said that Rahul Gandhi criss-crossed the country in the 2014 Lok Sabha election parroting the term saffron terrorism. Now they should apologize, but they will not do that. We will reach out to the people and tell them what the Congress party did.

Shah further said that the BJP has more than one crore workers in MP Shah said adding we have complete data of 65 lakh of these workers. If 65 lakh workers campaig for 5 days, no one can stop them from winning the election.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minster Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on this occasion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is is not only the most popular leader in the country but also he is the most popular leader in the world.

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