Storm leaves over 100 dead in UP, Rajasthan

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Photo courtesy: Raghunandan Singh Chundawat


Agra/Dholpur: A huge storm teared through large parts of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan on Wednesday night, leaving in its wake death and destruction. Over 100 people have died as mud houses came crumbling down and trees were uprooted in lrge numbers.

There was a dust storm followed by thunder showers. As the storm raged for over 45 minutes, billboards, roofs and trees were blown apart while crops were flattened across large parts of Rajasthan and adjoing areas of Uttar Pradesh.

According to a news agency, the death toll had risen to 108 on Thursday evening. In UP, 70 persons had died while the death figure in Rajasthan was 38.

Photo Courtesy: Raghunandan Singh Chundawat


Renowed wildlife expert Raghunandan Singh Chundawat, who was travelling by road along with his wife Joanna Van Gruisen from Panna in Madhya Pradesh to New Delhi have posted on facebook photos showing the impact of the “severe storm” they drove through between Morena and Agra. On the way, they saw four trucks that had blown over on the road.

Lead photo courtesy Raghunandan Singh Chundawat


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