All political parties rely on vote bank politics and are one on the reservation issue: Raghunandan Sharma

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Bhopal: Majority of the speakers, who addressed a well-attended seminar organised here this evening to mark the Jabalpur High Court Judgement of April 30, 2016 declared the Madhya Pradesh Reservation in promotion  Rule 2002 as unconstitutional expressed their concern over the continuous suppression of the hopes and aspirations of a vast multitude of youth in India belonging to the unreserved category, who were suffering the consequences of job quota on the basis of castes, promotion in reservation and other associated issues linked with the quota regime.
Today’s seminar, held in the jam-packed Narmada Bhawan, was organised jointly by Samanya Pichda Alpsankhyak Adhikari Karmachari Sanstha (SAPAKS) and Samanya Pichda Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj Sanstha (SAPAKS Samaj), both organisations are devoted to the cause of ending reservation in promotion and want that reservation should be on economic basis and not caste lines.
Speaking on the occasion, former BJP Rajya Sabha Member, Raghunandan Sharma was forthright in saying that all political parties are one when it comes to perpetuating the reservation regime. they are all playing vote politics and would do everything to maintain the status quo. He said that the reservation of seats in Parliament and State Assemblies was originally meant for 10 years and could be extended latest for 60 years. The spirit of the Constitution notwithstanding, they will stretch it for all times and they do not want to give up their vote politics, Sharma said adding those in politics are not bothered about employees’ organisations or small groups. While stating that the quota system for education and filling jobs is required but what is the need for reservation in promotion. Without naming the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Sharma also said that no leader should say: “koi ma ka sapoot reservation samapt nahi kar sakta” (there is no true son of a mother who can bring an end to reservation).
Speaking as a panelist, Vice Chanceller Jagran Lakecity University and former bureaucrat Anoop Swarup  laid emphasis on education, merit and training and said the nation needs to harness all its resources to focus maximum efforts on universalised primary education to build discipline and a society capable of meeting global challenges. He cited the example of the USA where they have a system of “affirmative action” for ensuring equitable representation to different races and people from diverse backgrounds. The thrust is on representation and there is no quota system in the US, he pointed out.  
Retired DG Police Arun Gurtoo was also of the view that even though reservation will have to continue to set right the historical wrong perpetuated for more than a 1000 years,  reservation in promotion cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.
Retired IAS officer and former State Information Commissioner Hiralal Trivedi, threw light on the constitutional position especially the 77th, 81st, 62nd and 85th Amendments in the year 1995, 2000 and 2002 to institutionalise reservation in promotion for SCs and STs, lower the selection criteria for promoting officers and the provision for consequential seniority in the case of those promoted under the reservation for promotion rule.
Mandideep Industry Association President D.K. Jain was firm in his stand that reservation on caste basis is a big drag when it comes to the overall development and progress of the country. The government efficiency is already affected and if the quota system is also introduced for the industry, it will have long term adverse impact.
S.L. Suryavanshi, who was representing AJJAKS (anusuchit Jati Janjati employees and officers) asserted that the reservation system will continue since the caste system is deeply entrenched in the Indian society.
Senior journalist Shiv Anurag Pateria was emphatic in pointing out that reservation is a curse on Indian society and unless steps are not taken on war footing it would destroy the social fabric. Social tension is mounting, he said and praised SAPAKs for taking steps to maintain order and drive home the point.
Rajesh Sirothia, also a senior journalist urged those from the creamy layer among the SCs and STs to give up the benefit of the quota system for their children.
At the outset, founder of SAPAKS Ajay Jain intrroduced the subject and gave a brief backgrounder of the work being done by SAPAKs to bring and end to the reservation regime in its present form
Senior journalist and founder member of SAPAKS Samaj, Lalit Shastri, conducted the discussion

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