Education revolution is unfolding in Rewa

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Rewa (Madhya Pradesh): A revolution in the sphere of school education is unfolding in Rewa division in eastern Madhya Pradesh and it is being led by Pushpraj Singh, the scion of the erstwhile ruling family of Rewa.

A Baghela ruler had founded the Princely State of Rewa in the 13th Century and the direct descendants of his dynasty continued to rule until Maharaj Martand Singh, acceded rule to the Dominion of India in 1947.

Pushpraj Singh is a former Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister. He has devoted a good part of his life to the cause of children by nurturing a movement revolving around initiatives focusing on upgradation of teaching skills, teachers’ training and special efforts to ensure that schools provide the right kind of environment so that the students could feel happy when they enter the portals of education. It is his emphasis that students should get the right kind of attention in schools. It is necessary to improve their academic performance, hone their skills and chisel their overall personality, he asserts adding the goal is to prepare and help the young generation in picking up courses that match their aptitude and pave the way for them to build a career of their choice and make them meaningful members of society.

A Vindhya Principals’ Conclave, an event attended by school principals, prominent citizens and school students, was organised here at the Fort Rewa and Hotel Rewa Rajvilas on Saturday (21 April 2018) under the aegis of His Highness Maharaja Martand Singh Charitable Trust (HHMCT) in collaboration with Next Education, Bandhav Public School, Sacred Heart and Dance Vindhya Dance (DVD).

Pushpraj Singh addressing the inaugural session

Speaking on this occasion, Pushpraj Singh threw light on his vision and underscored the steps being taken to spread the message and the concrete steps being taken at their level for improving the quality of school education. He laid special emphasis on steps that were needed for skill development among the students and said it is necessary to lessen the burden of exams. He said that a declaration that will emerge from the Rewa conclave, along with other important suggestions, will be forwarded to the NITI Ayog and also the Union HRD Ministry and NCERT. he also went on to underscore that the Rewa region is developing very fast and there is tremendous potential for creation of new jobs especially in the wildlife, forestry, tourism, and mining sectors.

Speaking as guest of honour, Lalit Shastri, a senior journalist, author and a crusader for environment and wildlife, agreed that media is leading us to a new level of hyerbole and there is a growing tendency to sensationalise news. Elaborating further, he said that media should not be treated as a single unit since it is a vast ocean comprising of not only the print and television media but also the world of entertainment and films, advertisement and the all encompassing online social media. The society is composed of all hues and colours, he said adding that the media is a reflection of the larger society. It should not be difficult for people to pick and choose that section of the media that has established its credibility by following the dictum -“truth is sacred” . When it comes to news, Shastri underscored the importance of the institution of the editor and said this is what differentiates mainstream news media from random and unconfirmed and unverified posts on social media and individual blogs. The journalists should remain committed to their role, responsibility and follow some basic guiding principles, he added.

Addressing the opening session, CEO of HHMCT, Alka Tiwari drew attention toward the importance of peer relationship. She had special word of caution and said that all students should make it a point not to get swayed by any of their fellow students. They should cultivate the habit of saying no if their inner voice stops them and they feel they were being taken on the wrong path, she went on to assert.

Beena Rao, who is an educationist and consultant, who came from Gurgaon to attend this event, streesed on the importance of creativity and the inquisitive mind. She gave a special audio-visual presentation to drive home the point that children blossom and become more bright at the school stage if there is happiness all around. Meera Saluja, another education consultant was the key speaker at a session on cyber crime. The young students who participated in the discussion on cyber crime impressed everyone present with their level of knowledge in this matter, especially the precautions all are supposed to take when they go online.

Rewa Divisional Commissioner, Mahesh Chandra Choudhyary, extended full support and ensured participation by officers from various departments to educate and disseminate relevant information regarding the Women & Child development department, population control, urbanisation, water & sanitation, education and culture.


HH Sirohi, the scion of the erstwhile princely state of Sirohi, who has received the Padma Shri Award this year and Deepa Malik, the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic Games, who also been honoured with the Padma Shri and Arjun Awards sent their special message for the success of this event.

Many Schools attended the Vindhya Principals’ Conclave.

These were: 

  • Bandhav Public School
  • Sacred Heart
  • Rewa International School
  • Prism School Satna
  • Frommans School
  • Vedanta Public School
  • Suraksha Public School
  • BPS govindgarh
  • Tata College Sidhi
  • APS University Rewa
  • Sharavan Kumari School


Teams from NEXT Education, Maharaj Martand Singh White Tiger Safari were especially there to extend support to the event.



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