Outdoor learning activity for pre-school kids is very important

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Shivani Bhardwaj

Mumbai: There can be no two opinion as to whether or not learning outside the classroom can help in raising a child’s standards and in significantly improving the social and emotional development of a prep school kid.

The curriculum designed for the first stage of learning for pre-schools, essentially should emphasise the need for organising vists locally but not too far from the school. Aided by teachers and other adults joining in such an exercise, the young children can vastly benefit in terms of knowledge and interactive skills. 

Pre-school trips for very young kids, should be organised in a dedicated and controlled environment. Such trips can provide powerful learning outcomes for the young learners. Those who have been organising such outdoor activities across the world are aware of the fact that learning outside the classroom helps in building:

  • a sense of belonging
  • team spirit
  • ability to comprehend and grasp; and
  • gives a feeling of being valued


A child learns a lot from such activities. By being present at a learning venue along with the peer group, there is a certain team-spirit and a cohesive bond that acts as a catalyst and helps even those children with short attention spans to concentrate in an entirely new environment and grasp a lot more than what they do in the confines of the school premises. Such trips also go a long way in helping the child absorb plenty of basic knowledge.

Podar Jumbo Kids is a school with a difference in the commercial capital of India. This school leads from the front when it comes to ensuring all-round development of their pupil from the very early stage.

On Wednesday, 14 march 2018, there was a lot in store for the pre-school kids of Podar Jumbo Kids, when they had the unique experience of going on a conducted trip to the fire station of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The Fire department staff was cordial and forthcoming in telling the kids about the importance of fire-safety.

The children returned home richer in terms of experience and after having learnt so much about the outside world.


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