Face the challenge of Climate Change with ancient philosophy: Narendra Modi

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New Delhi: “For millions of years, even before we had the first trace of life on earth, the Sun has been illuminating this planet and has remained a source of life. In Indian philosophy, Sun has always been given the central position for thousands of years. The Vedas have considered the Sun as the spirit of the entire world. In India, the Sun is considered to be the soure of life. Today, when we are looking for a way to tackle the challenge like Climate Change, then we must look at the balance and the overall view of ancient philosophy.”

With these openeing remarks, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the historic inaugural session of the International Solar Alliance in the capital, which was attended by presidents, Prime Ministers and other dignitaries from a large number of countries.

The seed for today, which is a historic day, were sown during the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris in November 2015. Today the green shoots have come out of that seed, said Modi.

France has played an important role in this initiative, the Prime Minister said adding that the this tiny plant of the International Solar Alliance could not have been planted without the joint effort and commitment of all of you. And so I am very grateful to France and to you all.

Of the 121 potential countries, 61 have joined the Alliance. 32 have ratified the Framework Agreement.

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