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South Delhi Police registers FIR against jewelry showroom manager

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New Delhi: The South Delhi police have registered an FIR on a complaint of theft, misappropriation, cheating and criminal breach of trust against the manager of a Gold & Diamond jewelry showroom in the M-Block Market of Greater Kailash here.

The director of the jewelry showroom, in his complaint lodged on February 12 has named the Store Manager and accused him along with others for misappropriation, cheating and theft to the tune of Rs. 40 lakh.

In his complaint, the showroom director has stated that the store manager was appointed by him on 1 February 2014 to take care of the showroom and all the gold & diamond jewelry stock worth over Rs 5 crores had been kept in his charge. He was responsible for the entire stock, sales, cash collection and safe keeping of the showroom.

The Director of the Showroom has told the Police that since he was staying in Mumbai it was not possible for him to check the stock on a daily basis so he was visiting Delhi on a monthly basis to check the system and all accounts of jewelry.

On 8 February 2018, when the Store Manager asked for a fortnight’s leave, he was told not to go for such a long leave due to the Valentine Season. But he still proceeded on leave saying that it was urgent. On 10 February, 2018 the store Director was taken by surprise when the Store Manager sent by email his resignation citing personal reasons. When called on mobile and asked what was the problem, he could not give a satisfactory reason for his resignation, the Showroom Director has said in his complaint adding that immediately he rushed to Delhi on 11 February for formal handing over of all accounts and jewelry. But the Store Manager did not come to meet him and when all the stock was checked, it was found that jewelry and cash worth over Rs 40 lakh was missing from the store, it has been alleged.

On 9 February, 2018 female employee at the store also left abruptly without giving any reason or notice. The other employees at this point of time told the Director that the store manager had been instigating them to leave the job and was promising them alternate employment.

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