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February 23, 2018

“Iraq has bravely fought and successfully liberated its territory from ISIS”

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The Government of Iraq is taking steps to match actions with words to demonstrate that Iraq is open for business, creating meaningful improvements to Iraq’s business environment and attracting much-needed investment for reconstruction projects across Iraq. The US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson in Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait: The US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said here today that with the support of the United States and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Iraq has bravely fought and successfully liberated its territory from ISIS and four and a half million Iraqis have been freed from tyranny.

Tillerson was addressing the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference Session on Private Sector Engagement here on Tuesday (13 February, 2018). He said that over 3.2 million internally displaced Iraqis are now at home or on their way back home. And the Iraqi Government is reasserting control of the Iraq-Syria border. As we celebrate these victories over extremism and hatred, we know they were hard-won, and they came at a very high price. Much work remains to rebuild Iraq and modernize its economy. Helping Iraq create a government that is inclusive, accountable and transparent will build a society that can counter the extremist ideologies. This will deal ISIS its final blow and demonstrate its failed, violent ideology.

Click here for full text of Tillerson’s remarks


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