Railway infrastructure at Bhopal should blend with the beauty of the city: Ashwani Lohani

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Bhopal: The Habibganj Railway Station in Bhopal, which has a cacophony of arches crudely adorning its facade, will get a facelift to match the beauty of the capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh by the end of this year.

After a meeting with Railway officials Chairman Railway Board Ashwani Lohani has announced that the railway stations at Bhopal and Habibgunj would stand totally improved by December 2018. After all the infrastructure at Bhopal, a city that he is emotionally attached with, should blend with the beauty of the city, the capital of the heart of incredible india, Lohani has emphasised.

Reflecting on his recent visits to the Northeast Frontier Railway zone (NFR) and West Central Railway (WCR), Lohani today posted on social media that these were indeed eye openers. While NFR was abuzz with the tremendous leadership skills of the General Manager and the good works done by him, WCR also displayed enthusiasm towards improving infrastructure, Lohani has observed.

Lohani has also announced that the Divisional Hospital at Bhool would be lifted out of its ‘dilapidated state’ by March 2019.

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