World of films: “Foreign Flame” is a romantic thriller produced in Australia

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Melbourne: Jaga Pedi, Australia based script-writer and film director is full of excitement and optimism ahead of the global release of his latest film- “Foreign Flame”. It is a romantic thriller, produced by Rama Peddi and presented by JagaCreations in Melbourne, Australia.

Jaga represents the most creative among the Indian diaspora in Australia. His earlier films have received raving reviews and awards. He has a sizable following among the Indian immigrants – not just those who have settled in OZ but also the NRIs in New Zealand, Fiji, North America, Canada and the Middle East. His films, break the barrier of language as they are made in the language spoken by the viewers who are all around in Australia, India and other parts of the world.

Jaga’s films – story-wise – are rooted to the ground . They depict real life characters and the culture projected through his films is both different and at the same time identical to what one witnesses and experiences in India. His films display the struggle that an immigrant goes through as one tries to identify with a foreign country while carrying forward the life’s journey to achieve goals and fulfill one’s dreams.

Of course, Jaga does not portray life as hunky dory always. He also creates characters that are full of deceit. They too move across his frames but the emphasis always is on the sublimities and human values that make our world so beautiful and livable. There is always a message in his films which in the instant case, that is his latest film, has been portrayed so well by Satinder Chawla, who has played the role of the father of the leading actress Sonam. She has played her character brilliantly and stands out as an Indian beauty with brains.

Award wimnning film personality, Satinder is brilliant when it comes to playing character roles. Those who have watched his earlier films claim that he can compete with the best of actors anywhere. He excels when it comes to emotions.

The hero in this film, Rishi Deepak, is bound to cast a spell from the word go with his screen presence. Rishi, with his dozen year of acting experience in films produced in New Zealand and Fiji, is confident about the success of “Foreign Flame”. This film is his high-water mark, he told Newsroom24x7.

Click the youtube link below for exclusive interview

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