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PSLV-C40 successfully launches Cartosat-2 series satellite along with 30 co-passenger satellites

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Sriharikota: PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission was launched today, [12 January, 2018 at 09:29 Hrs (IST)] from SDSC SHAR.

Cartosat-2 Series Satellite is the primary satellite carried by PSLV-C40. This remote sensing satellite is similar in configuration to earlier satellites in the series and is intended to augment data services to the users.

The imagery sent by satellite will be useful for cartographic applications, urban and rural applications, coastal land use and regulation, utility management like road network monitoring, water distribution, creation of land use maps, change detection to bring out geographical and manmade features and various other Land Information System (LIS) as well as Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.

ISRO Nano Satellite (INS-1C) was launched by PSLV-C40 today as a co-passenger satellite.

ISRO Nano Satellites (INS) is a versatile and modular Nano satellite bus system envisioned for future science and experimental payloads. With a capability to carry up to 3 kg of payload and a total satellite mass of 11 kg, it offers immense opportunities for future use. The INS system is developed as a co-passenger satellite to accompany bigger satellites on PSLV launch vehicle. Its primary objectives include providing a standard satellite bus for launch on demand services and providing opportunity to carry innovative payloads.

The primary objectives of INS system are to:

Design and develop a low cost modular Nano satellite
Provide an opportunity for ISRO technology demonstration payloads
Provide a standard bus for launch on demand services
Provide an opportunity to carry innovative payloads for Universities / R&D laboratories
PSLV-C37 carried two ISRO Nano Satellites – INS-1A and INS-1B as co-passenger satellites, which was launched on Feb 15, 2017.


PSLV-C40 also carries a Microsatellite (Microsat) built by ISRO as a co-passenger payload. Microsat is a small satellite in the 100 kg class that derives its heritage from IMS-1 bus. This is a technology demonstrator and the fore runner for future satellites of this series. The satellite bus is modular in design and can be fabricated and tested independently of payload.

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