Etihad Airways: Misleading advertisement

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Melbourne: An Etihad Airways advertisement doing the rounds on social media these days shows a lady sleeping on a flight comfortably tucked in a comforter. It says ‘Relax’ while prompting everyone to visit with the tagline “Welcome to the world of dreams’. The ad in question is highly misleading as instead of addressing only the discerning first class and business class passengers who can afford the luxury of full-flat bed with direct aisle access on an Etihad flight, they are trying to lure even the economy class passengers through false representation.

Etihad economy class seats are crammed like crazy. This ad should attract only the first and business class passengers because for the economy class passenger, spending more than 12 hours restricted to a tight seat, on a long haul Etihad dreamliner flight, e.g., a flight between Abu Dhabi and Melbourne, can be a nightmare.

Etihad service is also on a downslide.Their flight attendants in the economy class are mostly arrogant and refuse to respond to the flight attendant call button that too on an international carrier when frail and ageing passengers cramped in seats that are not aisle feel dehydrated and crave for water. It seems the flight attendants’ mandate is only to serve, or should one say just pass on trays of meal that’s less than ordinary.

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