Reservation in Promotion case: MP Government sticks to delaying tactic

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court today took up for hearing the Reservation in promotion case (5247/2016) – MP government vs. RB Rai and others – after successive postponement of hearing in this matter.

The madhya Pradesh government, which has gone in appeal against the Jabalpur High Court’s; decision of April 30, 2016 declaring the MP government provision for reservation in promotion as null and void and as unconstititutional, has continuously tried to delay proceedings in this case.

Once again on October 23, an attempt was made by the State Givernment; to prolong the proceedings in this matter by filing an application to postpone the hearing fixed for October 24.

The government’s plea was rejected and the matter relating to this case, which is clubbed with a similar case from Tripura, was discussed for about three and a half hours. The hearing will continue on 25 October.

Again, on 24 October, on behalf of the government, Mr. Manoj Gorkela submitted a request for extension of time for hearing,  which was not accepted and the discussion started. On behalf of AJAKS (organisation of SC/ST employees) and the MP government, it was argued that the decision in the M Nagraj case was by a five judge Bench, is not correct and the case should be referred to a bigger bench.

Senior Supreme Court advocates Rajiv Dhawan, Naresh Kaushik, Balbir Singh and V. Giri represented SAPAKS (organisation formed by employees and officers belonging to the general, backward and minority categories, who are adversely affected by the MP provision for Reservation in Promotion).


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