Atul Malikram: The force and spirit behind PR24X7

Newsroom24x7 Network

In the year 2001, Atul Malikram established PR24X7 and set off on his chosen journey. His associate joined him later and what began as his solo journey soon turned into a caravan. Presently, PR24X7 centres are operating in more than 46 cities across 18 states in India, where a trained team of more than 125 employees is working round-the-clock to provide news on the dot. Their USP is capping the morning cup of tea with the latest news.

“To reach any destination is not so difficult, one only has to follow the habit of taking a small walk “

Born in a middle class family, Atul Malikram set for himself the goal. He walked the extra mile and adopted the path of struggle and hard work. Rest is history.

Atul gives importance to every person he comes across. He believes in the dictum that the good are always there to give you company and those who are not, they also teach you a lesson.

Attaining success in a certain endeavour is not the end all for Atul. For him success is an inspiration for newer goals and beginning of yet another journey.

PR24X7 is also providing value added services in the field of image building, brand making, digital communications and analysis to increase the volume of the business of its esteemed customers.

The prime motto of the company is to fully satisfy its customer through its dedicated work. With his vision, hard work and determination, Atul has succeeded in registering extraordinary 1500% growth for his company which has a turnover of Rs 80 million.

Atul is following the NEW INDIA vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has a plan to achieve a target of Rs. 222 million up to 2022. To accomplish his dream he is constantly working and updating the company to ensure it keeps pace with the changing times.

As a leading PR company operating from the Hindi belt, PR24x7 has bagged the prestigious Chankya Award – for being the most promising PR Agency of the Year–2016 and also the Quality Mark Award for Best PR Company of north India.

Atul’s growth story is not limited to PR24x7. He has a multi-dimensional personality. He has put his acumen to best use by extending various services to his clients. Customers are important part of any business and keeping in view this philosophy, Atul always gives maximum importance to the satisfaction and progress of his customers. Due to his philosophy, his clients from various different fields are always too willing and ready to accept his customer-based services tailored to individual needs. Atul is clear in his approach – to keep the customer satisfied, it is important that his own employees  should be happy. No wonder, he is always playing the role of a responsible guardian or the paterfamilias who is also there to extend full support and help to his staff through various welfare oriented in-house programmes.

An office boy who was kept especially for dusting and keeping his office clean started showing interest and expressed the desire to become a computer operator.  Atul promptly fulfilled his wish by providing him the facility to learn the ABC of operating a computer in his own office and now that boy is working as a computer operator in the same establishment

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