Australian lamb ad: Hindus declare it offensive and racist

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Sydney/Melbourne/New Delhi: Hindus are raging and have dubbed a controversial ad depicting Hindu God Ganesha promoting Australian lamb with the tagline -You never lamb alone – as most offensive, insensitive and racist.

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The despicable ad, released by the Meat and Livestock Australia, shows religious deities sharing a lamb barbecue. It has stirred the hornet’s nest by depicting Lord Ganesh promoting the eating of lamb. The Anglicans are also condemning the ad on social media.

The racist overtone of the lamb ad gets terribly accentuated by hate messages on the social media. One such message on twitter reads as follows: “THE FUNNIEST ADD YET IF U TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS LEAVE AUSTRALIA”.

The voices from around the world, especially emanating from Hindus and newspaper headings have given wide publicity to the ad. People in India are describing it as highly deplorable.

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In India, people are aghast and want the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene. They are of the strong view that the Indian Government should take up the matter with the Australian Government to ensure that the controversial ad is taken off all media platforms immediately. If this is not done, it will create a huge divide, it is generally felt and this would leave a shadow on bilateral relations between the two countries. The worst to be hit by ths would be the rising graph of Indian students seeking admission in institutes of higher learning in Australia – a one sided movement of people adding greatly to the Australian economy and its knowledge base.

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