Looking for office space in Indore – Go grab it at Bhadaas Café

Newsroom24x7 Business desk

Indore: If you are engaged in marketing, running a business enterprise, or heading a not-for-profit organisation but lack the essential office space where you can work, have business meetings, strike deals and entertain prospective clients then we can surely provide a solution.

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Bhadas Café is offering a “Co-working space“ in the heart of the city. This unique space, which is airconditioned and equipped with a television set, printing equipment, multimedia facilities, computers and a wifi system, is a modern day smart office. It can be used for office purpose as per the needs of individual clients on a daily and hourly basis. Available would be facilities and infrastructure needed to execute entire jobs without any hindrance or disturbance. These facilitiea are being offered at the rock bottom rate of Rs. 999 per month.

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Get in touch with us at Bhadas Café, 27-A, Chandra Nagar, near Syndicate Bank, MR-9, Indore. To explore all about the workspace solution, just pick you handset and contact Atul Malikram at +919755020247. Simple -isn’t it?

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