‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’: Bringing the society on board for children’s all round development

Anusha Narain

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Government is taking a big leap forward by bringing together people from all walks of life to come forward and contribute towards the all-round growth and development of children.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will be interacting with children under the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme in the State capital today (26 August 2017).


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Chouhan will be reading out excerpts from a book before children of the Government Middle School located inside the MANIT campus and will encourage children to form the reading habit. He will also share tips with the children on personality development.

Members of the state cabinet and senior administrative officers will also spend time with the children in the schools to mark this occasion.

The State level programme of ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ is being organized at Samanvay Bhavan here. There will be a directe telecast of Chouhan’s address on this occasion from 11.45 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. from Akshwani and Doordarshan. Chouhan will address over 1,12,000 students, members of school management committees, volunteers and teachers through this telecast.

Chouhan will also honour the winners of Maths and Science Olympiad and State level Kahani Utsav (story festival) on this occasion. Chouhan will dedicate the portal of ‘Pranam Pathshala: Vidhyalaya Uphar Yojana’ being started in government schools with public cooperation, inauguration of Khel Project (Knowledge hub for e-learning) and will release children’s magazine ‘Gullak’ being launched by State Education Centre. On the occasion , students of selected schools will take a resolve before the Chief Minister to upgrade their schools under the ‘Shala Siddhi-Hamari Shala Aisi Ho’ programme being carried out for upgradation of schools after self evaluation by the teachers and the students.

It may be mentioned that over 2,15,000 citizens have registered themselves under the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme, including public representatives, youths, housewives, businessmen, doctors, engineers, sportspersons, defense personnel, government employees and people belonging to various other fields. Under this programme children would also be encouraged to participate in sports, literary and cultural activities for their overall development. Programme on academic dialogue with the students will also be organised.


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People from every section of the society have joined the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme some are
Sportspersons of international and national stature, honoured with Padma Awards and college students besdies 24,787 students, 7,350 housewives, 950 media personnel, 1027 engineers, 986 doctors, 861 advocates, 392 sportspersons, 3,217 voluntary organizations, 4,904 retired persons, 35,317 persons of private sector, 53,013 businessmen, 24,459 public representatives, and 52,209 government employees would be joining the ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme. About 33,000 persons have expressed their willingness for regular visits to the schools to help in the personality development of children. An equal number of citizens have come forward to offer gifts and other help in kind to the schools as per their requirement.

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