BJP will get two-thirds majority in Madhya Pradesh in 2018: Amit Shah

Newsroom24x7 Staff

BJP national President Amit Shah addressing religious leaders at the Chief Minister’s official residence in Bhopal

Bhopal: National President of Bharatiya Janata Party Amit Shah said here today the people of Madhya Pradesh will give their blessings and the BJP will get a two-thirds majority and form its government under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan in 2018.

The BJP chief said that Madhya Pradesh has now shed the BIMARU tag and the credit for this goes to the Bharatiya Janata Party government. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Madhya Pradesh is now a leading state and is counted among the most developed states of the country.

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Madhya Pradesh has developed at an amazing pace. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the NDA government has initiated a number of schemes for the welfare of the public and Madhya Pradesh has become a leader in the implementation of these schemes, Shah said adding Madhya Pradesh was earlier getting Rs. 1440 billion from the Central Government. Now there is a provision for Rs 3440 billion.

The BJP President said that he is going mark the anniversary of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya and strengthen the BJP by visiting all the states of the country for 110 days. In the same sequence, I am staying for three-day in Madhya Pradesh, he said.

Shah stated that after a gap of 30 years, the people of India have given a clear mandate to the Bharatiya Janata Party to form its government at the Centre. This is the first non-Congress government since Independence.

The BJP President said that during its first three years, the NDA government has given a clean administration and the Opposition did not have the courage during this period to level even a single charge of corruption or highlight any scam whereas the 10 years of UPA regime will go down in history for scams to the tune of over Rs. 10 trillion.

The NDA government takes quick decision, whereas everyone talked of policiy paralysis with regard to the 10 year rule of the previous Congress-led UPA Government, Shah pointed out.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah said, has added dignity tothe Prime Minister’s post and his government has been quick in taking decisions. In sharp contrast, every minister in the UPA government was acting like a prime minister and there was no one to rein them in and as a result there was total dearth of discipline. With Modi as Prime Minister, India’s prestige has gone up among the comity of nations.

During the 16th Lok Sabha election in 2014, Modi had promised that the new government would be the government of the poor, the farmers, laborers, scheduled castes and, tribes, backward classes, youth and women. In the three years that the NDA has been in power people have realized that it is their government. People have full confidence and they arehave been extending support to every harsh decision of the Narendra Modi government, said Shah.

The Narendra Modi government gets the credit for opening the doors of the banks to the poor across the country, the BJP president said adding the poor have been connected with the country’s economy and 295 million accounts have been opened through the Jan Dhan Yojana. Shah particularly said that corruption has been curtailed as the beneficiaries of various government schemes are now being approached through banks.

The BJP president further said that the Ujjwala scheme has provided relief to the poor women who have been provided with gas stoves. In this way they have been saved from the hazard of working under smoke and unhealthy conditions. The Narendra Modi government has vowed to give free gas stove connections to 50 million women in the next 5 years. So far, 27.5 million gas connections have already been been given.

The Narendra Modi government has started the Prime Minister’s Insurance Scheme on low insurance premiums to protect the interests of the poor, the BJP chief said and went on to inform media-persons that 75 million youth have got loans without collateral security or guarantee. As a result those who were earlier job seekers have now become job providers.

Amit Shah further said:

The Stand up, Start-up scheme, is a boon for Dalits. Avenues for self employment have opened up for a large section of the youth due to the Job Technocrat Scheme which is backed by adequate financial support. The beneficiaries under this scheme are now providing jobs to others.

On One-Rank-One-Pension (OROP) for defence services, the BJP President said that the issue washanging fire for a long time during the previous UPA regime. Within a year the demand for OROP was approved by the Narendra Modi Government and it has benefited lakhs of soldiers and their families.

GST is a major tax reform and the one-country-one- tax regime has brought down commodity prices as well as production cost and the direct benefit of this is being passed on to the public.

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NDA government has shown strong will to combat terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Army has conducted surgical strikes across the Pakistani border and given a befitting reply to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.

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