There will be no landless and every poor will have a house by 2022 in Madhya Pradesh

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today announced that no poor will now remain landless in the state. Every poor will have land to dwell and become the owner of that land. He said that every poor will have their own house by 2022. A target has been fixed to build 500,000 houses in urban areas and 1.5 million houses in rural areas by next year.


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Chouhan dscribed Madhya Pradesh as a fast developing state with a rising growth rate which has remained in double digit since last 8 months.

Rolling out figures, the Chief Minister said that the State’s growth rate is estimated to be 12.21 percent and per capita income is expected to be over Rs. 72,000 this year. The agriculture growth rate is 20 per cent constantly during the last 5 years.

The chief minister was addressing the state level Independence Day Celebration programme at Motilal Nehru Stadium in the capital today (15 August 2017). In his message to the citizens on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Independence, while remembering the freedom fighters, the chief minister extended greetings to the citizens, hoisted the National Flag and the took the Independence Day Parade salute.

The chief minister announced that the state government has taken the decision to build a memorial in the memeory of revolutionaries. Shaurya Smarak has been constructed in the memory of soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for protecting borders of the country. On this occasion, he also announced that Rs. 10 million will be given to the family of Martyr Nayab Subedar Jagram Singh Tomar, resident of Morena who had scarificed his life at the border. Government employment will also be given to one of his family members besides a plot or house.

The chief minister said that we are on the fast track of building a strong nation. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has earned respect in the entire world, he said adding every citizen should come forward and contribute to transform and build a prosperous India. He also urged the citizens to make the state a poverty-free state.

Chouhan called upon the citizens to spare atleast two hours each month for social work.

Deliberating on GST, the chief minister said that the new tax reform will strengthen the economy of Madhya Pradesh.

The chief minister said that a decision to construct Chambal Expressway has been taken for the development of Chambal region. He said that the Prime Minister has given a mantra for a terrorism-free India.

Stating that SIMI’s network has been destroyed and the dacoits have been eliminated, Chouhan congratulated I.G. Police Anshuman Yadav and S.P. Rajendra Hingankar for solving the problem of dacoits in Satna and Rewa area in the recent past.

Footwear for Tendu Leaf Collectors

Chouhan stated that Mahua is being procured on support price in the interest of the tribal engaged in mahua† collection. A “Charan Paduka Yojana” (footwear scheme) has been launched for tendu leaf pluckers. Footwear and water bottles are being provided to them under this scheme. Moreover, Deen Dayal Vananchal Yojana (Deendayal forest area scheme) has been started for tribal community dwelling in forest villages.


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†  The flowers, fruits, and oil obtained from the seeds of mahua are all eaten in various ways.

The flowers are a rich source of sugar containing appreciable amount of vitamins and minerals,  Fruits are eaten as raw or cooked . Pulp is a good source of sugar, whereas the dry husk makes a good source of alcohol.  An edible oil, which is said to be useful for heart patients, is obtained from the seeds

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