Mission for development of Horticulture

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New Delhi: Government of India is presently focusing special attention on development of horticulture and post-harvest management of farmers’ produce by providing assistance under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).

Under MIDH, assistance is provided for development of all relevant infrastructure including pack house, pre-cooling units, staging cold room, cold storages, controlled atmosphere (CA) storage, reefer vans, primary/mobile processing units and setting up of ripening chambers etc. to promote logistic integration with the aim to reduce losses across total supply chain and enable farmers to access markets to get remunerative prices for their produce.

The State wise allocations under MIDH are made on the basis of Annual Action Plan. States have been advised to allocate 35% – 40% of allocations under MIDH for creation of post harvest management including cold chain development.


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The component is driven by demand from entrepreneurs, private companies, cooperatives, and farmers’ groups through commercial ventures. Under MIDH, assistance @ 35% of admissible project cost in general areas and @ 50% in hilly and schedule area is available as credit linked and back-ended subsidy.


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During the current financial year, Rs. 1482.9 million have been allocated to Maharashtra under MIDH. Of this amount, Rs. 513.5 million is for development of post-harvest infrastructure, including cold chain.


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