US asked to reduce its diplomatic strength in Russia by two-thirds

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Moscow: In a significant rebuke and what has come as a retaliation to sanctions against Russia by the US comes the Russian demand that the US reduce its diplomatic personnel in America by nearly three-fold.

Russia has demanded that the United States should reduce its diplomatic personnel in Russia nearly three-fold (750 out of a total strength of over 1000), Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday, reports Tass, the Russian news agency.


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Putin has further said that he doesn’t think further countermeasures in response to Washington’s “unfriendly policy” would be expedient right now as they might harm Moscow’s international ties.

“The American side once again made an absolutely ungrounded, which is important, step to deteriorate the Russian-US relations, imposing illegal restrictions and trying to press other countries, including its allies, which are interested in the development and maintaining of relations with Russia,”

German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, said in an interview with newspapers published on Monday that the new US bill on anti-Russian sanctions will affect European countries cooperating with Russia in the energy sector, and, therefore, these restrictive measures can ultimately run counter to international law.


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Washington is using sanctions to “clear one or another territory from competitors,” Sergey Katyrin, head of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told Tass in an interview. Sanctions against Russia are driven by US’ wish to get share of EU oil and gas market, he added.

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