There is no proposal to restrict import of Chinese Products

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New Delhi: There is no proposal at the Government of India level at present to restrict imports of products, that otherwise satisfy the domestic laws, rules and regulations, including meeting the prescribed technical standards.

As member of WTO, India’s regulations apply to all members equally and all goods imported into India are subject to domestic laws, rules, orders, regulations, technical specification, environment and safety norms, that are notified from time to time.

This information was given by the Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in a written reply to a query on quality of Chinese products in Lok Sabha today

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) formulates standards applicable to domestic products and also mandates the use of Standard Marks under a license which mutadis mutandis also apply to imported goods.

Products have been notified under compulsory certification/registration with one of the objectives of checking influx of substandard products into Indian markets.

Presently, there are 109 products covered under Compulsory Product Certification Scheme of BIS and 30 Electronic and IT Goods under Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS.

Till now, 204 licensees have been issued to Chinese manufacturers for several products, including Steel products, Tyres & Tubes, and Electrical products as per Product Certification Scheme of BIS. Also, 4636 manufacturers have been granted registrations for Electronic and IT Goods as per Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS.

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