The worst of times are the best for journalists : Aashish Joshi at JLU

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Bhopal: The worst of times are the best for journalists as they present a chance to do good journalism and re-establish the fundamental principles of news reporting, said Aashish Joshi, Editor-in-chief and Chief Executive Lok Sabha Television, at a special session held at Jagran Lakecity Univesity here this weekend to mark its new academic session.

JLU School of Media & Communication conducted its orientation programme on Friday (28 July 2017), for the new students. A series of orientation sessions have been lined up to mark the new academic session of Jagran lakecity University (JLU).

Giving a few anecdotal references, Aashish said that it was the best of times because now technology is all pervasive and all inclusive. There is a rare interactivity and synergy and information is easily and abundantly available, he pointed out adding there are so many platforms for journalists to put out their stories and for the stories to be picked up and delivered.


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The present is also being called the worst of times because of the ‘post-truth’ era, Aashish pointed. Elaborating further, he said fake news is being disseminated to distract and to be mischievous and is adding to the pressure on newsrooms which is leading them to bypass critical processes of verification, resulting mistakes.

Paradoxically, Ashish said, this presents a great opportunity to go back to the basic principles of journalism of establishing the truth and writing stories that were rooted in facts. He called upon the students to stay the course and remember that the best lies are closes to the truth and that they must follow the cardinal rules of journalism. The fundamental duty of a reporter is to the reader and therefore, young journalists must learn to challenge, interrogate and scrutinise all that comes their way.

National Film awardee and renowned filmmaker Ms. Aruna Raje Patil said earning a degree can be a little deceptive because only a piece of paper doesn’t make someone a filmmaker. She emphasized that students should not only learn technical side of filmmaking, but also start finding stories in the unsaid. She reckoned that the market is full of opportunities and avenues and went on to underscore that “one should be really good with the skills”.

Vinay Singhal, Co-founder and CEO of WittyFeed motivated students to go for entrepreneurship. He urged the students to understand the power of the phrase ‘never give up’. If you don‘t give up, you will definitely make it someday, he observed and encouraged the students to participate by turning the discourse into an interactive session.

On this occasion, Prof. Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor JLU, motivated the new students by making them understand the importance of the role they play in society, he laid emphasis on penchant for the profession and perfection.

Prof. Vivek Khare, Dean (Student Welfare) of JLU briefed the students about the rules and regulations of the University and requested the students to abide by the institutional rules and norms.

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