​Google Search Sammelan: Number of Indian language users of internet has overtaken the English users in India 

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Bhopal: There are 40 crore internet users in India and 30 crore of these are using smartphones.

Google’s Snigdha Bhardwaj gave this information at Google Search Sammelan here today. Ms.Bhardwaj said that the number of internet users in India would rise to 65 crore by 2021. This year the number of Indian language users has overtaken the English users, she disclosed.

Syed Malik told the delegates that search algorithms help keep the web safe and navigable. We provide tools to help webmasters navigate changes and make the web page mobile-friendly. Google also provides tools and tips to help webmasters. He advised webmasters to access g.co/search console and said it’s the only tool in the world that can give google search related critical information about your website.

 Webmaster Central blog, till now  in eleven languages, is also being launched in Hindi this month.

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