“I shall never again make any booking through #MakeMyTrip”

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Bengaluru: The former Executive Director Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation G S Chahal, has had such a harrowing experience with MakeMyTrip, an online travel e-commerce company, that he has been forced to resolve that he would  never again make any booking through #MakeMyTrip.

Narrating his unpleasant experience, Chahal said that he had booked two tickets through MakeMyTrip at the end of April this year to travel to London and back by #BritishAir in June. He had read and understood the fine print on the confirmed ticket mentioning that in the event of a cancellation, he would lose about Rs. 17000. Due to a family emergency, he had to cancel the ticket a month later. MakeMyTrip promptly intimated him that after the due cancellation charges/penalties amounting to about Rs. 17000, the balance amount would be credited to his account. So far so good, he said adding two hours later, the figure got revised and he was informed that there would be additional deduction of about Rs. 5000 that he had paid towards travel insurance.

Chahal called up the MakeMyTrip Customer Service for redressal of grievance but  when he didn’t get any satisfactory explanation, he sent them a detailed e-mail. Someone from MakeMyTrip responded by calling and telling him “not to worry and that he would soon revert and send him a voucher to use the additionally charged amount against any future booking.” Chahal told Newsroom24x7 that he reluctantly agreed to this offer. However, to his utter shock and dismay, the same person called him again the next day, only to tell him that it was not possible to issue any refund voucher. To make matters worse, he got MakeMyTrip’s final refund notification containing details of a further deduction of about Rs. 5000 towards ‘airlines penalty fee’ in addition to the amount charged earlier under the same head!! The initial booking amount was credited to his account after a total deduction of about Rs. 27000.

Chahal said that it took him more than a month to recover from the rude shock!! He strongly feels that everyone must contribute towards sharing the burden of #MMT’s huge advertising budget to enjoy the luxury of watching Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt doing all those silly things they do to let us know how great #MakeMyTrip is!

Chahal’s parting shot – “Dear #MMT, thank you for *unmaking my trip*. But never again shall I give you that pleasure!!”


  1. Dear Mr. Chahal,

    Really sorry to hear about your experience. This is certainly not in line with our service standards. We wish to speak you and would like to help and sort out the issue. Request you to please send us an email sharing your phone number/booking details at Triphelp@makemytrip.com . Rest assured, we will resolve your concern at utmost priority

    Team- MakeMyTrip Care


    • Even I was cheated by them and have filed a case against them which is still running in consumer court.


  2. Dear MakeMyTrip,

    As requested, I’m forwarding a copy of my mail sent to MMT on 29/05/2917.

    You have caused me a lot of stress on account of your rather unprofessional attitude. I certainly hope that you would rectify and make amends.



  3. This is being done after you have promised not to travel through make my trip.
    Why did you guys not take the initiative to do the needful before when he had placed a complaint with you guys.
    Very bad service I will also not book through make my trip.
    Thanks Mr.Chahal for raising the issue and let others know the cheat that’s going on.


  4. Since last two years my case is still pending , they have sent me sms on my mobile stating your amount will b credited in 7 working days..
    MMT never beleives in giving or paying back amount.
    It was amount of ₹.2250/- of excess charges charged for my luggage, travel from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad where as till now today i have not received the said amount.
    I strongly condemn MMT.
    Govt and Aviation ministry should look into such Vulnerable cheating issues of MMT & should be sacked , blocked from doing business.


  5. #MakeMyTrip has taken charge of cheating people. When a person cancels a refundable ticket isn’t he liable to get the taxes paid?? Do you (mmt) pay the tax to government for the cancelled flight? When I spoke to airlines during my cancellations they said the taxes are refundable. Where on earth is the tax paid gone??


  6. Dear Mr. Chahal,

    Thank you for replying to our email. We are extremely delighted that your query has been resolved to your satisfaction.

    For any future communication. Feel free to reach-out to Salman Ahmad(Team- Customer Delight)

    We have a reputation of keeping our customers happy and we want to make sure it is kept upheld. We want to thank you personally for sending your email and showing your support while your query was being resolved.

    It’s our ultimate goal that all of our customers go through an exceptionally gratifying experience. We will do whatever it takes to achieve that.
    We value your business and wish to have you in our long list of satisfied clients.

    Thank you very much

    Team- MakeMyTrip Care


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