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April 23, 2018

Second round of French Parliamentary elections: From a voter’s diary

Jamsheed Rizwani

Just voted in the 2nd round of the French legislative elections…and guess what…I did not vote for Macron’s candidate…..There should a balance of power not a monolith one party rule…….And of course, I did not vote for the right as Macron, who is on the right, is seen as steering towards his voters from the right than to the left…30 plus degrees celsius today…The turnout is bound to be worse than in the first round…..the fishing rods are out for a picnic on the banks of the Seine and the other rivers and lakes. The left is going to take a bashing like never before….This is a strange situation as people have lost their political rudders in the stormy seas of French politics…..The markets are stable as no mishap is in view…..Macron is in for the next 5 years.

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