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April 23, 2018

Archives for June 16, 2017

Research and development in health and environment all set to get a new boost

Sunderarajan Padmanabhan New Delhi: Research and development efforts in the areas of health and environment are set to get a major boost with the Government of India becoming an Associate Member of European Union’s cutting edge Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) at Grenoble in France. The agreement will be for a period of three years at

Cholesterol could help tackle drug resistance

T.V. Venkateswaran and Bhavya Khullar New Delhi: Even as research and development in the field of medicine is bringing in newer services and products, the health sector is also facing a major problem in the form of growing drug resistance. New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening the ability to treat common infectious

Theresa May to Gulf leaders: Restore GCC unity

Newsroom24x7 Staff London: The British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday talked to a number of Gulf leaders and raised the ongoing isolation of Qatar in the Gulf region, calling on all sides to urgently de-escalate the situation, engage meaningfully in dialogue, and restore Gulf Cooperation Council unity at the earliest possible opportunity. The Prime

Genetic study confirms Parsi migration

Dinesh C Sharma New Delhi: Parsis are among the smallest ethno-religious minority in India. Now a new genetic study has confirmed that members of this community indeed migrated to India from ancient Persia, which is present day Iran. The study involved analysis of genetic data of Parsis in India and Pakistan as well as biological

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