KPS Gill: The Hero of Punjab


Historian Rajiv Lochan on the demise of Former DGP of Punjab KPS Gill:

Terrorists have to be first unarmed or killed. Talking to terrorists does not convert them to a sensible point of view but only encourages them to do more terror.

Gill’s arrival in Punjab effectively eliminated the Khalistani terrorists. Then the wooly minded Chandrashekhar became prime minister despite not having any mandate.

Chandrashekhar removed Gill on advise of those who advocated ‘talk, negotiate, win the minds and hearts of terrorists’. All that happened after terrorists went around a fresh bout of killing spree. Over 6000 were killed, including almost a thousand police officers. Gill was brought back. In the next two years he put a stop to terror-mongering for good.
Gill proved right: that the first step to solving the problem of terrorism is to eliminate the terrorist.

Journalists and sundry kind and good-hearted souls and many other weak minded characters, kept on repeating that terrorism in Punjab would never end because…..blah blah blah. Some of them even wrote books to this effect.

That was more than 30 years ago. Since then those people of Punjab who believe that there should be a religion based state in Punjab have eschewed violence and terror and try to preach their doctrine to an unconcerned public. But this preaching cannot be backed by the use of guns against those who do not respond to the preaching.

Former DGP of Punjab KPS Gill, who wiped out terrorism from Punjab, passed away after a cardiac arrest in Delhi on Thursday afternoon. He was 82.

Gill, who was ailing, was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

President of India condoles the passing away of KPS Gill

The President of India Pranab Mukherjee has condoled the passing away of KPS Gill.

In a condolence message to his wife, Ms Heminder Gill, the President has said, “I am sad to learn about the demise of your husband Shri KPS Gill.

A committed IPS officer, Shri Gill served the nation in various capacities including Director General of Police in Punjab and Assam. He was honoured with ‘Padma Shri’ award in 1989 for his work in civil service. His contribution in establishing law, order and security will be remembered.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences and convey the same to the members of your family. May you all have the strength to bear this irreparable loss with courage and fortitude”.

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Rajiv Lochan

Rajiv Lochan, a Jawaharlal Nehru University alumnus, is a renowned historian.

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  1. An assam cadre ips officer a jat sikh who succeeded the weak and effete reberio,a hero for all concerned.wish we had a Gill in Kashmir


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