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March 19, 2018

Archives for May 23, 2017

Rio Tinto’s Exit from India: Did Tigers Trump Diamonds?

In declining approvals to Rio Tinto, prima facie, the Environment Ministry deemed tiger habitat more precious that the diamonds underneath. For once, biodiversity concerns trumped the ‘development rhetoric’. But, did they? – Divya Narain                                            

London terrorist attack: 22 killed, ISIS claims responsibility

Newsroom24x7 Network London: One person reportedly has been arrested following a raid on a flat in south London in connection with last night’s suicide bombing at a jam-packed pop concert in Manchester. There was no confirmation till Tuesday afternoon about the arrest reported by a section of the media on the basis of eyewitness account. The

Dirty beach cleanup: A story to tell, a story to sing

Lalit Shastri This metronome post on Sawan’s Song blog caught my attention this morning. On clicking the play button, one was immediately transported to an all together different world – a world of not the ordinary people who are always so cribbing and doing nothing about their surroundings but people who are more awake, more

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