Good news from Panna where the tiger population has entered the F3 stage

Lalit Shastri

Rangaiah Sreenivasa Murthy, Secretary Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board, today morning broke the ” outstanding good news” from Panna by highlighting that the Panna Tiger Population has entered F3 stage of its population. Initially It were the reintroduced tigers that gave birth to tiger cubs. Then These F1 generation tigers like P111 and P213, that bred and produced F2 generation cubs ( like P213-22).

Murthy was earlier the Panna Park Director and has the credit of implementing and overseeing the Panna Tiger Reintroduction Project on the ground and ensuring its success, Breaking news about Panna tiger population entering the F3 stage, Murthy says it is heart-warming that P213-22 that along with known Panna Male tigers that got migrated to Sarbhanga forests (UP and MP Chitrkoot forests of Ramayana era) successfully set their home there and littered in December 2016 and two of these cubs were seen in April 2017 by the monitoring party.

“This is really an outstanding contribution by Panna tigers and the Panna Team and the People of Bundelkhand and BhagelKhand who have owned them,” Murthy observes

Murthy has congratulated the Panna Field Director, DFO Satna and also the Uttar Pradsh Forest department. He sums up the success on the panna tiger front by saying it is “Real tiger conservation story with People’s support” ( Jan Samarthan se Baagh Samarthan). “I am overwhelmed. It is a dream come true where Panna tigers migrated 125 km away from Panna and created a new meta populations fo their own…Jai Hind Hai Shkerkhan, Jai People,” Murthy goes on to observe.
Only a few days ago, on 5 May 2017, Murthy had broken the “sad news from Panna, where P213’s sub-adult from third litter had attacked a women who was supposedly collecting mahua flowers (Madhuka indica). He said: “I am not sure how it happened. Panna’s tigers and people do have great ways to respect each other. Beliefs in spiritual aspects of the locals play a greater role in this harmoney between the beasts and the people. Earlier only one such incident took place on the track of Balayya some thirty-five years ago. The Forest Department has to engege the locals immediately to avoid the repeat of such incidents.”

Click here to read “The Beginning of the Efforts to Resurrect Panna Tiger Reserve was Marred by Controversy and Opposition”  © Suhas Kumar (Original, March 2009 -Revised May 2017)

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  1. Thank you sir, for covering this news. Really this is a big conservation success where government agencies and public stood together for the Species Recovery which resulted in restoring the ecosystem to is glory….Thanks once again.


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