Bahubali 2 in the spotlight: The film tells a good story

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Bahubali Director SS Rajamouli with Shabnam Sahi

London: After a “fascinating” chat with Bahubali Director SS Rajamouli, acclaimed host of UK’s Sunrise Radio Shabnam Sahi has shared his “well deserved aura” by concluding that South Indian Cinema is a world away from the (largely) shallow glitz and glam of Bollywood. It is tremendously gratifying to know people who want their “work” to be the story, she observes.

Rajamouli pins the strength of Bāhubali on the fact that it has a multitude of strong “heroes” in all shades of right and wrong, each convinced that THEIR way is the way to be. Take this ragtag bunch of powerful characters, drop them in a story that coaxes them to bite the bait…and watch people eat out of their hands.

Shabnam asks Why (the film is such a huge success)? and goes on to answer in the same breath – ‘Coz at the end of the day, despite the graphics and the size/scale of budget and the Bollywood KJo Association and all the rest of it, Bāhubali tells a good story.”

After her interaction with the Bahubali Director, Shabnam remarked: “their passion, their humility, their complete and total un-starry vibe, the warm handshakes, the big smiles and the eagerness to talk about the FILM, not themselves…it’s a world away from the (largely) shallow glitz and glam of Bollywood, tremendously gratifying to know people who want their “work” to be the story.

Shabnam Sahi

The entire world is a stage for Shabnam Sahi. She is known for her trail blazing career as an anchor across London-Delhi-Kolkata. She is highly acclaimed and leaves a lasting impression by the unpremedicated ease with which she uses Radio, Telivision, Books and Stage to communicate.

After a successful career in Commercial Radio (Times FM, now Radio Mirchi and Radio Midday) as well as National TV (as a newsreader for ZEE news), Shabnam now appears on Weekdays on the UK’s #1 Commercial Asian Station Sunrise Radio and Shabnam Sahi has become a household name in London.

Shabnam figured as an anchor in the 10-part Travel Show on Belgian TV called INDIA FOR BEGINNERS. It showcased India for European audiences. On the show, she addressed topics as diverse as Food, Fashion, Science & Technology, Caste/ Sex / Gender and Bollywood !


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