Hollande pays tribute to policeman killed on the Champs-Elysées

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Paris/New Delhi: Outgoing French President François Hollande today joined his nation and offered his tribute to Xavier Jugelé, the policeman killed on the Champs-Elysées by stating that Policemen ar the ramparts of democracy and to attack a policeman is to reach the very authority of the State and it amounts to attacking the State.

Paying his tributes Hollande said:

“By their exemplary coolness and responsiveness, these policemen advanced under fire and succeeded in neutralizing the terrorist without harm to the crowd who strolled peacefully on the most beautiful avenue in the world, and that they are warmly thanked here. ”

“Policemen, gendarmes, you are the ramparts of democracy. In your profession, there are no small tasks or secondary tasks, all of which are important to preserve the civil peace and republican order without which our society can not Not stand up, without which our fellow citizens can not have confidence in the future. This is what makes the acts of violence against you hateful, and that is why they must be repressed with the utmost severity. To attack a policeman or a gendarme is to reach the very authority of the State, it is to attack the State. ”

A day before before the french President described an attack on a policeman as an attack on the State, the Maoists had ambushed and killed 25 Central Reserve Police Force personnel on patrol duty in Sukma district of South Bastar in Chhattisgarh. Over the years the Maoists, who are also called the naxalites, have been attacking the police and security personnel at will and inflicting heavy casualties but the leaders and those at the helm of affairs have failed to address the problem and give a crushing blow to the Maoists.

Paying tributes to the CRPF personnel martyred in the Sukma attack, India’s Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today fell short of describing the Sukma attack as an attack on the State. “This is a cold-blooded murder,” he said adding the “sacrifice of our jawans (troops) will not go in vain”.

The situation in Kashmir also is deplorable, where stone throwing mobs continue to attack the security personnel, whose hands have been tied down as they have instructions not to retaliate. It was a national shame to watch a video that went viral on social media showing how the security personnel engaged in election duty were kicked and boxed by a violent mob in Kashmir during the just concluded poll for the Srinagar Parliamentary seat.

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