Tigress found dead along railway track near Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Bhopal: A young female tiger, hit by a train, was found dead this morning in the Budni-Midghat section of Sehore, not far from Bhopal, the capital of the central  Indian State of Madhya Pradesh

The spot where the body of the tigress, about two-and-half years old, was found, is in the Budni territorial forest about 10 kms from the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary. According to a forest department official the accident occurred at night.The busy North-South railway track that passes through Bhopal and Nagpur cuts through this forest and the wildlife Sanctuary.

There is a proposal to convert Ratapani Sanctuary into a Tiger Reserve. Tigers from Ratapani have been spotted on the southern periphery of Bhopal on a number of occasions. A Ratapani Tiger that was seen roaming  near the National Judicial Academy campus  was electrocuted and killed by poachers a few years ago (2012). They had put a live electricity wire in the water hole.

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