Narmada Seva Yatra: A Mission for Conservation

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Bhopal: The Narmada ‘Seva Yatra’ – a Conservation of Narmada campaign of Madhya Pradesh Government started from Amarkantak on May 11. It will be a 144 day journey all the way till Sondwa and then back to Amarkantak by a core team of fifty persons.

Coinciding with this Yatra, special workshops and public meetings are being held to bring into focus the importance of afforestation, sanitation, soil and water conservation, pollution control measures and organic farming. The main idea behind this campaign is to make people aware of the need to conserve our rivers which is so essential for the survival of humankind.

Narmada River is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. It is the largest river of Madhya Pradesh and the fifth largest river in the Indian subcontinent. For the followers of the Sanatan Dharma, the Narmada is one of the holiest of river.

The objective

  • To increase awareness about the need for conservation of river Narmada and sustainable use of its resources.
  • Plantation at the banks of river Narmada for protection of riparian zone and reduction in soil erosion.
  • To suggest remedial action in the field of river conservation and promotion of eco friendly agricultural practices.
  • To identify various sources of river pollution and to resolve the same through public awareness and participation.

Duration: The ‘yatra began on November 11, 2016 from Amarkantak (Anuppur District). It will conclude on May 11, 2017 at the same place after covering both banks of the river.

Core Group: A core group of fifty people will lead the ‘yatra. The core group will comprise of experts in various fields such as river conservation, sanitation, agriculture, organic farming and forest and environment.

The ‘yatra: The Narmada River covers a distance of 1,077 km in Madhya Pradesh. It passes through 16 districts and 51 blocks from Amarkantak in Anuppur district to Sondawa in Alirajpur district. During the 144 days of the ‘yatra’, about 600 villages on the banks of the Narmada will be covered.

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