Air India and Federation of Indian Airlines condemn attack on airline employee

Newsroom24x7 Staff

New Delhi: Air India and the member airlines of the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) that includes IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and Go Air, have condemned the assault on an Air India staff member by a passenger who happens to be Member of Parliament on March 23, 2017.

The airlines have demanded that strict action be taken against the Member of Parliament Ravindra Gaikwad of Shiv Sena by law enforcement agencies.

Air India and the Federation of Indian Airlines have stated:

We believe that an assault on any one of our employees is an assault on all of us and on ordinary law abiding citizens of our country who work hard to earn a living.

Air India and FIA member airlines have decided to ban this Member of Parliament from flying on all our flights with immediate effect. We believe that exemplary action should be taken in such incidents to protect employee morale and public safety.

In the interest of the safety and security of our colleagues and other customers we also propose the promulgation of a “no fly” list which shall include the names of all unruly passengers. Such customers are not welcome on our carriers and we seek the support of the Government and security agencies to enforce such a “no fly” list.

On this incident, Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani wrote on a social media platform: “Two FIR’s of a serious nature and a ban on future air travels imposed by all the air carriers of the nation besides universal condemnation of the person who unabashedly beat up an on-duty air indian is a satisfying end to an unsavoury saga. We all need to stand up against those who attempt to damage the social fabric and we all need to stand up for the people we work with. The coming togethor of all airlines for a just cause is also a matter of great happiness and satisfaction.”

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