Woman dies due to doctor’s callousness at Shahpur in Madhya Pradesh

SAPAKS Samaj corners MP government on reservation issue

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Bhopal: A woman’s life was cut short when she was operated under spine-chilling and the most inhuman coditions by Block Medical Officer Dr. Sanjit Ahirwar at the Shahpur hospital in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh in central India.

According to available reports, Ashlekha Chaure died of excessive bleeding when Dr. Ahirwar operated upon her uterus without general anesthesia. At the time of operation neither an anesthetist nor a gynecologist were present in the operation theatre. This despite the fact that surgery of the uterus jeopardizes the patient’s life and entails potential surgical and anaesthetic risks to the patient.

Although the doctor concerned has been suspended by the State health administration, SAPAKS Samaj has submitted a memorandum to the State authorities demanding that the medical degrees of the doctor concerned should be withdrawn so that no doctor in future could endanger the life of the patients by subjecting them to such cruelty.

Drawing the Government’s attention to the recent Supreme Court judgement cancelling the degrees of more than 600 doctors in the VYAPAM scam case, SAPAKS Samaj has pointed towards the State Government’s reservation policy for admissions in educational institutions and recruitment and promotion in government service while asserting that the death of a hapless woman in the Shahpura block hospital is a result of the reservation policy. Under this policy, merit and seniority is being compromised and relatively junior officers with poor service record have got promoted and are occupying important posts even in state-run hospitals. Merit has also been given the go-by when it comes to granting admissions in medical colleges to those from the reserved category.

When a cross-section of people were approached and their reaction was sought, all condemned the gory incident. Many of them were unanimous in pointing out that there has been no hue and cry about the death of a woman due to the callousness of a doctor at Shahpur in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh as the deceased belonged to the unreserved category. Had she been a dalit, the media and the intelligentsia would have raised hell. The tragedy struck when the State Assembly is in session.

SAPAKS Samaj is a people’s movement for rationalising the Constitutional provision for reservation on economic basis and not on caste lines. SAPAKS also wants a relook at the SC/ST (Atrocities) Act. SAPAKS is for implementing the concept of creamy layer across the board when it comes to job quota and complete scrapping of reservation in promotion across government departments and government-run autonomous corporations. SAPAKS stands for “Samanya, Pichda Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj” (Society for the cause of those belonging to the general or the unreserved category, the most deprived sections and the minorities).

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  1. How can the suffering of a person in such case be different, just because anyone belongs to certain section of society? Why in case of such gory crimes all hue and cries is made, if it relates to dalit and not even a straw is moved otherwise? Where is equality? Truely condemnable to the core. The culprit be dealt with sternly.


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