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March 19, 2018

Bhutto’s handpicked Army Chief was father of Pakistan’s Talibanization

Mohammad Shehzad

talibanisation-of-pakistanBhutto’s handpicked army chief (who was supposed to save his rule instead of sending him to the gallows) was the father of Pakistan’s Talibanization. He was the first ‘Mullah Omar’ for Pakistan. With a single stroke of pen, he enforced the hudood punishments like flogging and increased the punishment of blasphemy from a few years imprisonment to death. He set up Namaz committees to make people pray five times a day through stick. We saw mushroom growth of seminaries during his regime. According to a member of the banned Sipah Sahaba, in Pakistan, had Zia lived for a couple of years, the Shias would have been declared as kafir constitutionally like the Ahmadis. We have yet to rid ourselves from at least one single Zia-policy that contributed to Pakistan’s Talibanization.

Pakistan used to be a peaceful land when Arabic was not compulsory in schools. Moreover, it was imposed on children by General Ziaul Haq in the late 70’s. The same Zia is remembered today as Jade-Fisad (father of evil). The term was coined in response to the fresh military operation against terrorists under the title Radde-Fisad i.e. rejection of evil.

The comic side: A former chief minister of Balochistan, Aslam Raisani once said that a degree is a degree, no matter fake or real!  When somebody asked him about his qualifications, he said he was chief minister of Balochistan.


Mohammad Shehzad is an Islamabad based journalist

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