“Jo SAPAKS ki Baat Karega Vo Madhya Pradesh Pe Raj Karega”

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Madhya Pradesh will be ruled only by those who can protect the interests of the general category, backwards and minorities

SAPAKS Samaj President Lalit Shastri addressing the SAPAKS gathering

Bhopal: Addressing a special gathering here today, President of SAPAKS Samaj Lalit Shastri, today announced that people in Madhya Pradesh will have a political alternative before next year’s general election to the State Assembly. He raised the slogan “Jo SAPAKS ki Baat Karega Vo Madhya Pradesh Pe Raj Karega” (Madhya Pradesh will be ruled only by those who can protect the interests of the general category, backwards and minorities).

Office bearers and active members of “Samanya Pichda Alpsankhyak Adhikari Karmchari Sanstha” and SAPAKS Samaj had gathered to observe the foundation Day of SAPAKS Society. It has been formed by State employees and officers belonging to the general category, backward communities and minorities to demand the scrapping of the unconstitutional provvision for reservation in promotion. This provision has been declared null and void by the Madhya Pradesh High Court but the State Government has challenged this decision in the Supreme Court. The reservation in promotion rule has continued to play havoc and destroy the promotional avenues of those who command merit and seniority in the Government. At their cost those belonging to the SC and ST categories have continued to climb the ladders of success across all State Government departments in Madhya Pradesh

SAPAKS Samaj – Samanya Pichda Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj Sanstha is a registered Society formed by citizens representing all sections to work for the cause of the general category, the most backward sections of society and the minorities.

SAPAKS Samaj is for unity, equal rights and a discrimination-free society. It is against reservation in jobs on caste lines and also totally against reservation in promotion. The society wants governments to honour seniority and merit in granting promotions to employees and officers. Administrative efficiency is at the rock bottom in Madhya Pradesh due to reservation in promotion and consequential seniority given to officers who even have been made heads of departments despite their poor service record.

Speaking on the occasion, SAPAKS Secretary Rajeev Khare said that despite efforts by the Madhya Pradesh Government to delay the hearing in the reservation in promotionc case in Supreme Court, SAPAKS has succeeded in ensuring that the case continues to get listed for hearing on a regular basis. As the Government neither has facts nor arguments to push forward its case, it is only trying to prolong the hearing and has sanctioned Rs. 4 crore for paying hefty fees in advance to the supreme court lawyers representing the government in this case. This is the first time in the history of this nation that the Government is spending so much money from the public exchequer on an unconstitutional matter, Mr. Khare pointed out.

Marking this occasion, all those present took an oath to carry forward the struggle to meet the goals of SAPAKS society. The oath underlined the resolve to oppose the Madhya Pradesh Promotion Rule 2002 and continue the struggle to ensure the reservation in promotion case reaches its logical conclusion. They also pledged to rationalise reservation and bring about mass awakening against the present quota system since its benefit is being cornered only by a handful of families.

SAPAKS Society state president Dr. Anand Singh Kushwah, Secretary Rajeev Khare, Vice President BL Tyagi, Founder members Dr. K.S. Tomar and Alok Aggarwal, prominent citizens and a large number of officers and employees from Mantralaya-Vallabh Bhawan, various government departments in Satpura and Vindhyachal buildings, Nirman Bhawan and Paryavas Bhawan were present.

Rallies were organised and SAPAKS volunteers also walked in procession carrying placards against reservation in procession at Rewa and Naigarhi in eastern Madhya Pradesh and several other places in the state today to mark the first foundation day of SAPAKS Society.

CLICK HERE for SAPAKS Samaj on youtube

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