SAPAKS campaign against Reservation in Promotion is service to humanity: Sant Kripal Singhji Maharaj

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Sant Kripal Singhji Maharaj addressing the SAPAKS Convention at Gwalior

Sant Kripal Singhji Maharaj addressing the SAPAKS Convention at Gwalior

“जो सपाक्स की बात करेगा वो मध्यप्रदेश पे राज करेगा” (Madhya Pradesh will be ruled only by those who will protect the interests of those belonging to the general category, backward classes and minorities). – Slogan raised on January 15 at a SAPAKS convention in Gwalior.

SAPAKS is a registered society of State Government employees. It is committed to the protection of the rights of all employees and officers belonging to the general unreserved category, OBCs and minorities. They are seeking the scrapping of the MP provision for Reservation in Promotion.

After the Jabalpur High Court declared a 2002 Rule for Reservation in Promotion, which was introduced by the previous Congress regime led by Digvijay Singh, as null and void on April 30 last year and ordered the retrenchment of all those promoted under this rule, the Madhya Pradesh Government, at the direct intervention of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, challenged this decision in the Supreme Court with the intention of perpetuating the reservation in promotion regime that can be compared with the worst form of racism anywhere in the world. SAPAKS is with the respondents in this case. The Madhya Pradesh Government is paying millions of rupees as fees to some leading advocates and has been trying its level best to delay the hearing and the final outcome of this case.

sapaks-gwalior-convention3Param Pujya Sant Kripal Singhji Maharaj, who heads Gwalior’s Adhyatm Niketan and is also the chairman of Rajput Hitkarni Sabha, was the chief guest at the Gwalior convention of SAPAKS on the theme “Reservation Promotion”. He began by stating ” योग: कर्मस्य कौशलं – जिसने कर्म मे कौशल हासिल किया है, अध्यात्म की दृष्टि से, वही योग्य है “. All were spellbound when he took the audience on a path of reasoning and drove home the point that attaining skill in action or at work makes one suitable and endowed with capacity and wisdom by citing from the Bhagvat Gita.

(The full shloka – बुध्दियुक्तो जहातीह उभे सुकृतदुष्कृते।
तस्माद्योगाय युज्यस्व योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्।।2.50।।)

Sant ji had a word of praise for the work taken up by SAPAKS. It is the need of the hour because there are thousands who have been oppressed and tortured by the rule that provides for Reservation in Promotion, he pointed out.

Sant ji also quoted from Shukra Niti which underscores that the ruler should follow a policy that does not discriminate between people. He drew attention to the famous Sanskrit proverb – ” यथा राजा तथा प्रजा ” (As the King, so the people), and said the ruler should take everyone along without any discrimination. All eyes are always on the ruler, he said adding the ruler is expected to take care of everyone along and is supposed to be large-hearted and not narrow minded. If he lacks on this count, the situation takes a negative turn. Hence, in these circumstances, it is necessary that those who are being oppressed should unite to command the situation so that those at the helm of affairs are left with no option but to pay heed to their demands. Untill this does not happen no amount of words or speeches will deliver the desired results, he observed.

Sant ji described the work taken up by SAPAKS as service to humanity. Almighty’s blessings are always with those serving humanity whether or not they go to a temple, mosque, Gurudwara or a church, he said and drawing an analogy went on to recite these lines:

इबादत है नाशाद का दिल शाद कर देना
इबादत है बेकफन को कफ़न ओढा देना।
इबादत है किसी बर्बाद को आबाद कर देना
और इबादत है किसी दर्दमंद का दर्द बटा लेना।।

(The issue is to share others’ pain and what SAPAKS is doing is exactly this. SAPAKS is working without any self interest and this is service to humanity).

Sant ji appreciated the formation of SAPAKS Samaj (a society of all sections of people including the most deprived) that is lending full support to SAPAKS society of officers and employees belonging to the General category, backward communities and minorities).

If there is reservation is on the ground of seniority and qualification and on economic basis, no one should have any objection, Sant ji said adding in the present scenario, we are not giving the opportunity to the hidden talent among the economically deprived. Question arises: how will those who are talented come forward if those in the Government fail to address this question.

Sant ji Maharaj concluded his speech by saying SAPAKS has raised its voice from Bhopal and its Gwalior unit along with all other units will play a huge role in bringing about change by carrying this voice forward in the interest of not one or two sections of society but in the best interest of the entire society.

Click here for audio clip of Sant Kripal Singh ji ‘s speech

The other prominent speakers who also addressed the gathering included Arun Pratap Singh Tomar, District and Sessions Judge and Chairman MP State Transport Authority, S.P Sharma, Chairman Miss Hill Higher Secondary School, Father P.K. Das, P.K. Arjaria, Retired IAS officer, Jai Singh Kushwah, former Chairman Gwalior Special Area Development Authority (SADA), Sarnam Singh Tomar, Advocate High Court, Dr. KS Tomar Founder SAPAKS, Dr. Anand Singh Kushwah, President SAPAKS, Lalit Shastri, Editor-in Chief Newsroom24x7 and State President SAPAKS Samaj, Brijesh Singh Bhadoria, Gwalior district President of SAPAKS Society, KG Shukla, District Project Officer (DP Education) and R. S. Sikarwar, Tehsildar (revenue officer).


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