Department of Happiness: Employees oppressed by Reservation in Promotion have reason to be unhappy

Newsroom Staff

Bhopal: Unmoved by the massive unrest among government officers belonging to the general or unreserved category, other backward communities (OBCs) and minorities who feel oppressed and victimised by the Reservation in Promotion Rule for SC/ST, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today inaugurated the much hyped and newly created department of happiness- the first such initiative by any State government in India.

Today’s launch ceremony was marked by special ‘Anandam’ functions organised at all district headquarters. The Chief minister who inaugurated the new department and a society especially registered for delivering happiness to the people at TT Nagar Stadium in the capital addressed the people live across districts on this occasion.

The officers and employees belonging to the general categories, OBCs and minorities, who are bearing the burden of fighting a costly case  in the Supreme Court that has been heaped upon them as the State Government has challenged a Jabalpur High Court order which declared the highly discriminatory Reservation in Promotion Rule of the State government as null and void and ordered the retrenchment of all those promoted under this rule. When SAPAKS, a registered body of the unreserved category of officers have intensified their demand for justice and scrapping of the Reservation in Promotion Rule and also when SAPAKS Samaj, a society of prominent citizens and non-government employees has put it’s entire weight behind the agitated government servants, and are demanding both scrapping  of the controversial rule and that the creamy layer provision should be applicable for all, the State government issued a press note yesterday stating that reservation has become a huge problem for society. The government statement goes on to underscore that all sections of society are now demanding reservation. Hence, the government says, the Anand (Happiness) department is there to work in their interest and ensure only they get reservation who have a right and really deserve it.

When contacted, and asked to give their reaction on the press handout by the government on the eve of the launch of the happiness department, SAPAKS leaders were unanimous in pointing out their dilemma. One of them said, if the government is really serious about everyone’s happiness, it should have demonstrated it’s willingness to give up it’s stand on Reservation in Promotion.

Another agitated employee said when the government is guaranteeing all happiness not just to the SC/ST communities but also their creamy layer by giving them reservation in education, jobs and promotions and paying the fees for their children studying abroad, while suppressing the Constitutional rights of the citizens from the general category, how do you expect people cutting across all sections of the society to be happy.

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