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UAE Clean Energy Strategy for 2050: The beginning of sustainability for UAE’s power sector

Shaily Kalra

dubai-clean-energyDubai: The UAE Clean Energy Strategy for 2050 was launched earlier this week by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

The main aim of this strategy is to set a target to get clean energy to account for 44 percent of energy production.

UAE will be investing Dh 600 billions to meet demands for energy and ensuring the sustainability of growth in the UAE’s economy. This three- decade energy strategy is made in such a way that is also expected to result in savings of Dh 700 billions.

In the absence of this strategy the UAE would have to spend Dh 13 billion to meet the energy requirements for this period.

Sheikh Mohammed said, “Our new energy strategy is ideal, achieving a balance between production and consumption and international environmental commitment for growth in all sectors.”

According to the strategy the UAE’s mix will include clean nuclear energy, coal, gas, bio fuels solar and wind power. This strategy will enhance in stimulating the economic growth and investment in energy storage and will help in reducing power consumption.

Sheikh Mohammed also emphasised that the energy strategy targets a combination of renewable, nuclear and clean fossil energy to ensure achieving a balance between economic needs and environmental goals.

The strategy will be covering three main steps:

The first step to take initiative for the quick transition of power consumption efficiency and then diversifying its sources and ensuring the security of its supply.

The second step is to find new ways of the solution that complement both the power and the transport system.

The third deals with research, development and innovation to ensure the sustainability of energy.

It will mark the beginning for the sustainability for the UAE’s power sector and this strategy will also bring about an awareness for the new generation about the power consumption.

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