IRS officers unhappy with the implementation of GST: CBEC warns those criticising government

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GstNew Delhi: As there has been no dearth of criticism and a vast section of the Indian Revenue Service officers are annoyed and unhappy on the issue of GST, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) today wrote to all Principal Chief Commissioners, Chief Commissioners, Directors General Customs and Central Excise drawing their attention to instructions in the past asking all concerned to refrain from commenting adversely on Government and its policies.

CBEC, in its letter today has reiterated that instructions issued earlier by the Board on September 29, 2016 and October 10, 2016 should be followed scrupulously.

All the field formations have been directed by CBEC to ensure that the instructions to refrain from criticising the Central Government and its policies are brought to everyone’s notice. The concerned officers have been told that disciplinary action would be taken under Rule 9 of the Central Services (Conduct) Rules if anyone fails to follow these instructions.

On 29 September 2016, CBEC had issued instructions underscoring Rule 9 of Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 which reads as follows: “No government servant shall in any radio broadcast, telecast through electronic media or any document published in his own name or anonymously, pseudonymously or in the name of any other person or in any communication to the press of any public utterance make any statement of fact or opinion which has the effect of an adverse criticism of any current or recent policy or action of the Central Government or State Government.’

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MP CM faces heat on illegal sand mining issue

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Illegal sand mining (representative image © Lalit Shastri)
Illegal sand mining (representative image © Lalit Shastri)

Bhopal: Facing the heat of illegal sand mining after a few dumpers were stopped by mining inspector Rashmi Pandey and subsequently seized on the charge of carrying excess sand from the Narmada river at Rehti in Budhni near Bhopal on Sunday night, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan went into the overdrive mode yesterday to salvage the Government’s image by telling senior state officials here that no one indulging in illegal mining should be spared.

The Chief Minister, who is leading a save Narmada Campaign these days, told officials that there is a Task Force in every district and officers from different departments are supposed to carry out joint operations to check illegal mining activity. The State has supreme power and there is no reason why anyone (indulging in illegal mining) should be spared. He also gave clear instructions that those involved in legal mining activity should not be disturbed.

According to available reports, the dumpers were seized when it was found they were transporting sand in excess of the royalty receipts they were carrying. It is a case of alleged royalty evasion, a mining officer said.

The main opposition Congress has launched a frontal attack on the Chief Minister. Chief Congress spokesperson K.K. Mishra said that the truth of the “Save Narmada Campaign” gets exposed by the latest seizure of dumpers near Budhni, which happens to be the Chief Minister’s Assembly constituency.

Mishra claimed he has videos showing over 200 dumpers being used for illegal mining in the Narmada river. These would be given to the Prime Minister to expose the chief minister, he stated

The registration numbers (widely published by a section of the media) and details of 4 dumpers seized by the mining department are:

MP04HE2005 – registered in the name of M/s Pradhyaman Singh Chouhan, C/O Ram Vilas Solanki, A-91 Alkapuri

MP04HE3718 – registered in the name of M/S Till Tro Construct, father’s husband’s name-Pradhyumn Singh Chouhan, H. No262, 9 ASaket Nagar, Bhopal Huzur

MP04HE3400 -registered in the name of Pradhyumn Singh Chouhan, son of Narendra Singh Chouhan at A 91 Alka Puri

MP04HE3720 – registered in the name of M/S Till Tro Construct, father’s husband’s name-Pradhyumn Singh Chouhan, H. No262, 9 ASaket Nagar, Bhopal Huzur

Reservation in Promotion case: MP Government should stay neutral and extend help to both sides says SAPAKS Samaj

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sapaks-samajBhopal: SAPAKS Samaj Society, which represents the general unreserved category, backward communities and minorities, has written to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and made an appeal to the Madhya Pradesh Government to remain neutral towards all sections of Government employees and officers instead of going out of its way to support a particular section in the reservation in promotion case in the Supreme Court. [Click here to read SAPAKS Samaj appeal in Hindi]

In a statement released to the press here today, SAPAKS Samaj President Lalit Shastri points out that the Madhya Pradesh Promotion Rule 2002 was quashed and declared non-est by the Jabalpur High Court on 30 April 2016. Instead of honoring this order, the Madhya Pradesh Government chose to favour a particular section and challenged the High Court order in the Supreme Court and as a result of an interim order issued by the apex court all promotions have been stopped and as a result, administrative efficiency has been adversely affected in the State.

The statement says, from new items published by different newspapers, it has been gathered that the Madhya Pradesh Government, for presenting its own case in the Supreme Court, has sanctioned Rs. 4 crore for the payment of fees to advocates representing the Government in Supreme Court. It has also been conveyed through these reports that the State Government also treats the Rules for reservation in promotion as unconstitutional but at the same time it does not want the SC/ST officers who have taken benefit of these rules to be reverted. The Government is expected to remain neutral towards all its employees and officers  and desist from being partial towards any particular section. In the present case, the Government’s stand is discriminatory. Unfortunately, this is creating a class-struggle like situation.

reservation-in-promotionIt has been further stated that it is highly objectionable that the State Government is making attempts to project what has been declared as unconstitutional by the High Court as correct and proper despite knowing very well what will be the outcome of the case. This is a very serious and amounts to doing injustice on majority of State government employees and officers.

It is strange, SAPAKS Samaj says the Government is not taking due interest in seeing to it that the case is disposed quickly whereas efforts should have been made to speed up the matter  for the future of hundreds of thousand officers and employees and for the sake of administrative efficiency.

SAPAKS goes on to observe that the Government should have uniform approach towards all those working with the Government. Hence the society is making an appeal and urging the government to extend help to both sides involved in this matter. The Government should also refrain from putting obstacles and delaying the hearing in this case so that the dissatisfaction that has spread across the government set up could be contained and normalcy restored.

Rahul, Akhilesh ask voters to defeat BJP for the sake of UP’s progress

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congress-sp-alliance-in-upLucknow: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav today addressed a joint press conference and held a road show here to demonstrate solidarity and give a call for BJP’s crushing defeat.

Both the Congress and Samajwadi leaders gave a call against BJP’s “divisive politics” and asked the people to seal its fate in the Assembly election for the progress and prosperity of Uttar Pradesh.

Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi described his party’s alliance with the Samajwadi Party by stating that it stands for progress, prosperity and peace. Akhilesh Yadav said it also stands for the people. Under their newly forged alliance, Congress will be contesting 105 of the 403 seats while the SP will field its candidates in all the remaining 298 seats.

Answering a pointed question on Ram temple at Ayodhya, which figures in the BJP menifesto, Rahul Gandhi said that the matter is subjudice and hence he would comment. He also took a dig at the BJP saying they always raise this issue during elections.