Speakers at SAPAKS Convention condemn MP Government stand on “Reservation in Promotion”

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There will be a People’s Movement to target the BJP Government in the central Indian State


gBHOPAL: Former Madhya Pradesh Director General of Police S.C. Tripathi emphatically stated here today that only seniority and qualification or merit should form the basis for promotion. Promoting someone from a set of officers occupying posts at the same level only on the basis of caste is sheer injustice with others belonging to the other categories. This demoralises the officers and brings down administrative efficiency.


Former DGP S.C. Tripathi

The former State Police chief was addressing the 3rd convention of SAPAKS (Samanya Pichda Alpsankhayak Adhikari Karmachari Sangathan), the Association of State employees belonging to the general category, OBCs and minorities. These officers, who constitute the majority, have rallied their force to demand scrapping of reservation in promotion.

jOn this occasion, the president of Brahmin Samaj Pandit Lakhan Shastri said that the ruler should act like a friend of the people. He quoted from Ramchartimanas and said that a ruler who does injustice with his subjects goes to hell. He said that the Brahmin community condemns the government’s reservation in promotion policy. He said that the ruler party will suffer the consequences during the next election if it fails to scrap its reservation policy.

Bhakti Sharma
Bhakti Sharma

The dynamic and young Sarpanch of Barkhedi Abdullah vilage Ms. Bhakti Sharma registered stiff opposition to reservation in promotion and said that under no circumstances the bureaucrats’ children and those from the creamy layer should get the benefit of reservation.

Lalit Shastri, senior journalist and President of SAPAKS Samaj [Society devoted to the cause of general category, the backward and deprived sections and minorities], underscored the drawbacks of reservation and said that the Madhya Pradesh Rule of 2002 providing for reservation in promotion is totally unconstitutional in view of the Supreme Court judgement of 2006. He spoke at length on the issue of Reservation in promotion and how it has adversely affected the majority of government employees and put a question mark on administrative efficiency. He said that the reservation in promotions is an issue that concerns not only the government employees but every citizen. Explaining this he said people or the stakeholders are bound to be concerned when administrative efficiency is compromised by successive governments that continued with the reservation policy in its present form only to appease the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Shastri said if the politicians or those in power want to politicise “reservation” to stay riveted to the seats of power, the affected sections of society also should politicise the issue by taking it to the people’s court.

President of Akhil Bharatiya Rajput Kshatriya Samaj, Thakur Dharmvir Singh Kushwah said on this occasion that the Kshatriyas have always stood against injustice. He condemned the reservation in promotion policy of the State Government and announced that his community will extend full and unconditional support to SAPAKS.

The Employees Union President of Mantaralaya (State Secretariat) Sudhir Nayak asid that 80 per cent of the members of the Constituent Assembly, who were from the so-called forward communities had supported and ensured reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes got enshrined in the Constitution. On the other extreme, he said that the dalits or those from the reserved categories never gave Gandhi, Patel or an author like Munshi Premchand the respect they deserved because even though they belonged to the forward communities, they had devoted their entire life to uplift the deprived sections. He said that reservation in promotion divides the society and the Government should immediately stop this.

Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain

Founder of SAPAKS Ajay Jain briefed the participants about the status of the Reservation in promotionc case in Supreme Court. He also told them how the State Government was paying huge sums of money from the exchequer as fees to senior-most lawyers who have retained by the State in this case. SAPAKS registers its protest on this count, he said.

The delegates, who came to attend this convention from the districts gave an account of the SAPAKS activities. They reiterated the resolve to organise rallies and processions next month to press their demands. They also gave the assurance that the money required for the legal battle in Supreme Court will be collected by them and there would be no paucity of funds.

It was also decided unanimously at today’s meeting that they would be presenting memorandums, organising sit-in protests and staging demonstrations throughout the State next month on the basis of a programme to be chalked out by the State executive of SAPAKS. There will be a concerted effort to involve the larger society in this campaign. SAPAKS Society will expand its network at the tehsil/block and village level.

Lalit Shastri, President of SAPAKS Samaj Society, announced that during this period, he will tour all districts to keep the public informed about the real situation. He said that he will be telling those who continue to remain the most deprived sections how as part of a conspiracy they have been denied the benefits of reservation while these were being cornered by those who have a dalit background but were now in the creamy layer.

SAPAKS founder Ajay Jain and President SAPAKS Samaj Lalit Shastri along with a delegation met State Minister Rajendra Shukla to present a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister
SAPAKS founder Ajay Jain and President SAPAKS Samaj Lalit Shastri along with a delegation met State Minister Rajendra Shukla to present a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister

It was also resolved at this convention that 3 lakh non-government employees would be brought in as members of SAPAKS Samaj. On the conclusion of proceedings, the delegates from all over the state met State Ministers Rajendra Shukla and Narottam Mishra and handed them a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister.

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  1. This organization with a noble mission can save the nation from the curse of our former and present politicians. My heartily well whiches are with the members of this organisation…..


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