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March 21, 2018

Reservation in Promotion case: Hearing fixed for 24th January

 Newsroom24x7 Staff


New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh government has adopted the stategy to delay and advance the hearing in the Supreme Court of India in the “Reservation in Promotion” case. Hence it should have reason to be pleased as the apex court today fixed 24 January 2017 as the next date of hearing in this matter which is affecting the fate if thousands of government employees and officers who have been adversely affected by the provision for reservation in promotion introduced in 2002 by the previous Congress government led by Digvijay Singh and has been implemented zealously by the present BJP regime.

The Jabalpur High Court declared as null and void the Madhya Pradesh provision for reservation in promotion earlier this year and ordered that all who have been promoted under this rule should be reverted. The State Government has challenged this order in the apex court.

When the case was taken up today in Supreme Court only about half-an-hour was left for deliberations by the lawyers on both sides. Hence on the mutual consent of lawyers representing the plaint/appelant (State Government) and the respondents, the Court fixed 24 January as the next date of hearing in this case.

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