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Donald Trump elected 45th President of USA

Lalit Shastri

Donald TrumpDonald Trump tonight drove home victorious. He reset the map of the US electoral college and wrote the script of his stunning victory.

Hillary Clinton, who under-performed in States like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pensylvania, called up Trump to concede defeat even before the result was announced.

Speakibg tonight, Donald Trump said it is time for us to unite and work for a great country,  Let’s work for the American dream. Every American will have full opportunity to realize his or her dream. we must reclaim our country’s destiny. I want to tell the entire world we will seek common ground, peace and not conflict.

 The white working class voter certainly tilted the 2016 presidential election heavily in favour of Trump. The voters conveyed they want the  borders sealed and protected. They want America safe from terrorists . They also want trade deals to help the citizens and  not just the corporates. Of course they have also given a stern message that they want Washington fixed

Political observers are pointing to lot of anger against the Obama administration, particularly the failure to seal the borders and address the issue of global terror in the right perspective.

There are millions who voted for Obama but have now voted for Trump.  Even in the Republican camp, they did not anticipate this night will be so strong for Trump and that it will go this way.

A clear message – the American people want the government back. There was a widespread feeling that the Government had turned into a government for the elite

A heartbroken Democrat strategist said as results were coming in that it was a “whitelash against a black president”. We don’t want to feel that we have been thrown out. He (Donald Trump) will have to address the polarisation that has occurred. His job will be to be inclusive and ensure no one feels left behind.

A diehard Republican responded by saying “Trump will be a voice for all. If he has control of both Houses and that’s what appears to be happening that means people want change.”

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  1. Yeah. America decides to bring @realDonaldTrump on board
    White House New Tenant Prez Trump
    Winner Takes All of USA
    The World is adjusting to it 😃


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