Whopping sum of money for a number plate

Shaily Kalra

d5-number-plateDubai: It was a jaw dropping moment for many when Balwinder Sahani, Dubai based Indian businessman, bought the number plate “D5” for Dh 33 million (₹ 60 crores) at a momentous Roads and Transport Authority’s number plate auction joined by more than 300 bidders here this weekend.

The auction was held for eighty unique car number plates. The Bids for the ‘D5’ plate started at Dh 20 million.

Sahani, who has a passion for number plates bought number ‘O9’ for 25 million dirhams (₹ 48 crores approx) at an auction last year. Sahani is also known as Abu Sabah, he is the owner of RSG International (Raj Sahani Group International).

Sahani said he has a collection of 10 such number plates and as this is his passion he will add more such car plates into his collection.

Another number plate – Q77 was bought by an Emirati bidder for Dh 4.52 million. plates like P27 and R 7777 also attracted huge sums of money.

The proceeds from Saturday’s auction will go to Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority.

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