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February 20, 2018

Hurricane Matthew leaves hundreds dead in Haiti

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Latest upate: 08:00 IST.: Devastating flash floods leave 4 dead in Florida

hurricane-mathewNassau (Bahamas): The death toll due to hurricane Matthew has soared and there are reports of at least 339 dead in Haiti.

hurricane-mathewThe hurricane, a category 4 storm, the harshest in over a decade has killed more than four dozen people in Roche-a-Bateau. There has been a massive damage to property in Jeremie, another city close by. Reports say that thousands of houses have been destroyed in the Sud province.

In four neighbouring US States, mass evacuation was continuing and about 2 million people have been evacuated as the storm heading North-West could possibly hit Florida directly.

Most of the deaths have occured in fishing villages and small towns around the western end of Tiburon peninsula in the Haiti’s southwest. Large number of casualties have been due to flash floods and uprooted trees.

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